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Giardino Carnivoro

Sphagnum Moss Peat - Estonian moss peat

Sphagnum Moss Peat - Estonian moss peat

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Blond acid sphagnum peat ESTONIAN MOSS PEAT

pH CaCL2: 2.5 - 3.5
Organic carbon (C) of biological origin on a dry basis 40%
Dry organic nitrogen (N) 0.7%
Dry organic matter 80%
Degree of decomposition: H3 H5
ORIGIN: Estonia

Soil with very acidic pH and very low nitrogen content.
Ideal for the cultivation of all carnivorous plants and acidophilic plants in general.
This blonde sphagnum peat is very light and dry and has a very marked water-repellent capacity: it does not immediately absorb water and is synonymous with excellent quality.
Before using it, squeeze it in a bucket with water (better distilled or rain water for carnivores) when it has become darker and wetter you can use it for plants.
Once hydrated, it has an excellent capacity to retain water compared to classic gardening soils

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