Andrea nel Giardino Carnivoro

Giardino Carnivoro

Good morning!
I'm Andrea and I welcome you to the CARNIVORO GARDEN! I have always been fascinated by these beautiful plants, ever since I was a kid and I hope to infect you too. Currently my collection is really large and there are many plants available: for beginners but also a little more delicate, suitable only for growers with more experience.
Kind regards,

  • Are you a beginner?

    There is a section dedicated to you who are now approaching these plants. Furthermore, in each package there is a guide with the basic rules for growing carnivorous plants .

  • I ship plants, not seeds.

    The packaging is carried out as carefully as possible, if any plants arrive with bent or damaged leaves, don't worry, they will make new ones very soon, they are very resistant plants . Regarding shipping, the plants last without problems for about a week.

  • Shipping

    Plants are shipped the first days of the week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This is to avoid deliveries being prolonged due to the weekend.

Our advice

What should I do when the plants arrive?

Avoid placing them in the sun the day after arrival but keep the plants in the shade.

When are the plants shipped?

Plants are shipped within 7 working days of order payment . Shipments take place exclusively on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Orders placed in the following days are shipped the following Monday.

I'm a beginner, is there a guide available?

In each package you will find a guide with all the instructions to follow and take care of your plants.

I need suggestions, how can I contact you?

On our YouTube profile you will find many videos with suggestions and plant reviews. Furthermore, if you have any doubts you can call or write on Whatsapp to the number +39 349 0726623.

Is it possible to visit the greenhouse?

It is possible to visit the greenhouse by appointment only. You can call or write on Whatsapp at +39 349 0726623.