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Giardino Carnivoro

Selaginella lepidophylla False Rose of Jerico Large Size

Selaginella lepidophylla False Rose of Jerico Large Size

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Selaginella lepidophylla or false Rose of Jerico is a plant that has adapted to survive the conditions of prolonged drought in its natural environment through an interesting physiological strategy: instead of modifying its metabolism, it tries to retain water during the day and absorb as much humidity possible during the night, allows one's tissues to dry out (due to dehydration) and during this process induces physiological mechanisms of resistance to very low humidity percentages (up to 5%). When the humidity of the soil and air rises again, even after a long time after it withered, this plant is able to rehydrate and perfectly recover its photosynthetic and growth capabilities. Plants of this type have been called 'resurrection plants'.

Growing Tips

To resurrect this plant you need to water it from above and place it on a saucer with a few mm of water. It can remain in this condition for a few weeks, with a little water in the saucer and kept in indirect light, a very bright environment is fine.
Once the water is removed, the plant will slowly return to its dry rest.

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