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Giardino Carnivoro

Mimosa pudica - Sensitive

Mimosa pudica - Sensitive

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Vase diameter 12 cm.
Mimosa pudica is not a carnivorous plant but a sensitive one.
When it arrives at your home you will find it with the leaves and branches lowered, the "nocturnal" position of the plant. As soon as it is touched the leaves retract giving the plant a bare appearance.
A few minutes later and with sunlight, the leaves reopen and it takes on a very fluffy appearance.
Mimosa is very easy to grow: it requires a lot of diffused light and a cm of constant water in the saucer, it can be watered with tap water. YES fertilize with osmocote or fertilizer for green plants.
He fears the cold so he stays indoors in October.
Pods emerge from the pink flowers and can be sown the following spring.
It prefers an acidophilic soil.

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