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Giardino Carnivoro

Red volcanic lapillus 2-5 mm 1 litre

Red volcanic lapillus 2-5 mm 1 litre

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1 liter of red volcanic lapillus diameter 2-5 mm
Lightweight natural aggregate, ideal for:
• enrichment of universal soils; It makes the soil more draining and slightly more fertile
• preparation of specific soils (annual plants, acidophilic plants, succulents, houseplants, carnivorous plants)
• preparation of professional soils for outdoor vegetable and flower nurseries and for protected crops;
• mulch flower beds or areas of the garden where you want to avoid the growth of grasses or weeds;
• hydroponic crops;
• soil amendment;


SiO2: 56%

Al2O3: 16.5%

K2O: 4.9%

Fe2O3: 6.5%

CaO: 8.8%

Na2O: 0.8%

TiO2: 3.1%

MgO: 1.2%


pH: 7.0

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