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Giardino Carnivoro

Drosera filiformis "All red"

Drosera filiformis "All red"

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Temperate sundews are a group of carnivorous plants that capture small insects such as midges and mosquitoes using adhesive traps.
They originate from humid peat bogs where the climate is hot in summer and very cold in winter.
These sundews have the particularity of defending themselves from the cold through the development of a hibernaculum: a compact sphere in the center of the plant made up of modified leaves, with the function of protecting themselves from frost.

Growing Tips

Temperate sundews are very easy to grow and resist winter frost.
They are grown in peat and perlite and love direct sun even in midsummer.
From October the plant closes in hibernaculum, a sort of cocoon made up of leaves that protects the main rosette of the plant from frost and snow.
Summer leaves become black and dry and can be removed.
They can be repotted every spring by moving the hibernacula with the few roots present in the new substrate.


It loves very wet soil but in winter this species can be kept with the substrate almost completely dry to prevent the hibernacula from forming mold and rotting.
Rain or distilled water is added directly into the saucer. Two-three cm in summer and one cm in all other seasons.
There is no need to vaporize the leaves but you can create a lot of diffused humidity by protecting them from wind and rain.

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