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Giardino Carnivoro

Drosera capensis 'albino'

Drosera capensis 'albino'

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Drosera capensis "alba": a carnivorous plant that is very easy to grow outdoors even in winter down to zero degrees. It produces many beautiful white flowers and is self-fertile.
Catches midges, mosquitoes and many other small insects.

Growing Tips

Subtropical sundews are very easy to grow in peat and perlite: they love direct sun especially in mid-seasons while in hot summers it is preferable to shade them.
They resist frost down to zero degrees. If the apex dies due to the cold, the roots remain vital to regrow again in spring.
They produce many self-fertile flowers from which you can obtain seeds in late summer.


They like very wet soil. DO add rainwater or distilled water directly into the saucer. Two-three cm in summer and one cm in all other seasons.
There is no need to vaporize the leaves but to create a lot of diffused humidity while protecting them from wind and rain

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