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Giardino Carnivoro

Dionaea muscipula 'Hot Coals'

Dionaea muscipula 'Hot Coals'

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Dionaea muscipula 'Hot Coals' is a variety of carnivorous plant known for its traps with many triggers, the sensitive hairs that cause the trap to close. This variety is also characterized by a red color in the center of the trap.


Growing Tips

Dionaea muscipula is an outdoor plant that lives in acid sphagnum peat or peat and perlite.
Place it in direct sun for at least 6 hours a day, both in summer and winter.
Avoid prolonged frost and keep it indoors.


It is a plant that loves abundant but rainwater, distilled or by reverse osmosis, not calcareous.
In summer it is enough to keep two or three cm of constant water in the saucer, in winter one is enough.

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