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Giardino Carnivoro

Dendrobium Berry Oda

Dendrobium Berry Oda

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This Orchid does not need large pots, given that the root system is not very large and does not extend uncontrollably.
The soil must never be particularly compact, as this would risk literally suffocating the delicate roots.
The orchid mix proposed by GC will be fine, very ventilated but at the same time maintains high humidity
This orchid loves temperatures between 18/29° C during the day and never below 10° C at night.
Light is very important for this Dendrobium species.
It is advisable to place the plant in a very bright environment: it is difficult to get this beautiful orchid used to direct sunlight (although not impossible), which could damage it, but it will be enough to place it behind a large glass window that captures the light of the sun in the early hours of the day or in the hours before sunset.
To see the plant flourish and always keep it strong, it is necessary to water abundantly, but judiciously. During the warmer periods (spring and summer) watering must be abundant, so as to allow the plant to accumulate the reserves necessary to survive a drier winter.
At the end of the summer it will be possible to relax and reduce watering, almost to the point of suspending it. This is the period in which the plant enters the period of vegetative rest and during which it will be sufficient to ensure good exposure to light and a temperature never lower than 10° C.
It is precisely the autumn period that is the most important: the Dendrobium will be able to flower correctly with lower temperatures and less water. By following these tips it will be possible to watch from the front row a show that is difficult to describe with mere words. The buds will increase in volume throughout the autumn and winter period (in which it is advisable to suspend watering), welcoming spring with flowers of rare beauty.



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