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Giardino Carnivoro

Brocchinia reducta France Strain

Brocchinia reducta France Strain

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Brocchinia is a genus of plant belonging to the family Bromeliaceae. It is endemic to southern Venezuela and Guyana. In particular, they live in Venezuelan plateaus called Tepui, 1000 to 2000 meters above sea level.
They have modified leaves, fused to form a sort of amphora.
The leaves fill with abundant rain and act as a trap for insects that fall inside.
Brocchinia reducta is considered a carnivorous plant as it is able to assimilate nutrients from insects that have fallen into the well full of water that it creates between its leaves

Growing Tips

In summer, give it direct sun only in the morning and keep it shaded the rest of the day.
In spring, autumn and winter they can remain in full sun up to 5 degrees above zero.
It loves light and breathable soils, such as peat combined with abundant perlite and dehydrated sphagnum moss.


It does not like stagnant water so it is preferable not to use the saucer but to water the plant from above one or more times a day during the hot summer days. While in other seasons they can be reduced while still maintaining the soil moist.

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