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Giardino Carnivoro

Billbergia Hallelujah

Billbergia Hallelujah

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Billbergia is a plant that grows vigorously indoors behind a window, in a terrarium but also outdoors, bringing it indoors during the cold season.

Billbergia does not require real soil as it is epiphytic.

To grow it best, the best mixture is composed of soft, well-drained soil, with sphagnum moss and a handful of acidic soil such as the mix for orchids and nepenthes.

They are plants that accumulate water reserves, so they must be watered regularly but without excess, always leaving a little water in the center of the rosette.

Rainwater or distilled water is preferable but it also tolerates tap water.

It is fertilized once a month by spraying the soil and vaporizing the foliage with rain or demineralized water.
Neoregelia is exposed in a bright place but also likes a few hours of direct sun and does not require pruning except to remove dry leaves.

At the end of winter the basal suckers can be removed and used as a propagation method.

Tolerates temperatures as low as 10-12 degrees to 30 degrees or higher.

During the cold season, limit watering to once a month.

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