Roridula gorgonias 15-20 cm with 2 Pameridea roridulae

Roridula gorgonias 15-20 cm with 2 Pameridea roridulae

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Protocarnivorous plant from South Africa.

It produces a very persistent glue that catches even quite large insects.

This plant is unable to digest prey, but lives in symbiosis with an insect, the pameridea roridulae, which feeds on these catches and then leaves its excrements on the leaves of the roridula which draws nourishment from it.

The soil must be poor in nutrients and absolutely draining because it has fairly delicate roots, repotting must be done by widening the pot avoiding annoying the roots. Soil for cephalotus and drosophyllum is fine

Love direct sun all day, place it in a windy area.

Withstands up to a few degrees below zero.

The insects go into hibernation or otherwise resist the eggs that will hatch in May.

About watering:

Maintain a constant cm during the hottest months, in the mid-seasons and in winter, dose a cm and wait for it to be completely finished before redosing in the saucer