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Tillandsia is a plant of the Bromeliads family with rather thick leaves covered with a fine down that helps the plant to capture dew and humidity in the air in general.

Tillandsia does not get nourishment from the roots, but from the leaves.

 The roots, although present, have no other function than that of support.

Tillandsia adapts well to any type of climate because its leaves draw nourishment from the atmosphere and are able to retain moisture, a very useful feature for surviving dry and arid climates.

It does not like direct sunlight, it fits well inside the house, near a window or outside during the summer in a shady position.

The water is vaporized every two weeks in summer and once a month during the winter season.

It is better to avoid water stagnation at the base of the leaves as they could cause rot.

Fertilization must be very light once a month: a fertilizer for orchids diluted in water ratio 1/5 of the recommended dosage for orchids.

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