Kalanchoe tomentosa

Kalanchoe tomentosa



Perennial plant native to Madagascar with the particularity of having fleshy leaves covered with a very thick whitish down which gives it a velvety appearance.

At the beginning of spring it produces yellow-green bell-shaped flowers gathered in panicle inflorescences and not particularly decorative.

Cultivation is very simple: it needs a lot of light even direct sun but in this case they must be sheltered at peak times during the summer. The optimal cultivation temperatures are between 15 ° C and 22 ° C and below 10 ° C the plant begins to show signs of suffering. All the different species should be watered moderately starting from spring - summer and letting the soil dry between one watering and another.

 In autumn and winter the soil gets wet only when it is dry and the lower the temperatures, the less water must be given. Below 10 ° C the plants must be kept completely dry.

The Kalanchoe is repotted every year using a cactus compost to which you will add a little sand to facilitate the drainage of the water. They do not like water stagnation therefore place pieces of earthenware on the bottom of the vase that favor the drainage of excess water.

 We recommend the use of terracotta pots that favor the transpiration of the earth, thus evaporating any excess water. From spring and throughout the summer, fertilize twice a month in half doses; during the other periods they must be suspended.