Hoya kerrii double heart white pot

Hoya kerrii double heart white pot

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The hoya kerrii  does not need special care to be kept at home,it even manages to flower after a few years if treated well.

 Pay attention to the stagnation of water which is not good for the plant, the pot must have small holes and must always be dry.

The mix for fine-grained succulents is used and it gets very wet in winter.

 In summer, with temperatures above 20 degrees, the soil should be kept slightly moist.

Very moderate fertilizations once a month with fertilizer for green plants It is also very important that the plant is not exposed directly to the sun but better in a bright area.

 In winter it can withstand up to 10 degrees while in summer it can withstand temperatures up to 27 degrees

The flowers it produces are waxy and very fragrant and have a long life.